The Primrose Story

I earned my Certified Nurse Aide certification in 1993 while pursuing pre-med studies at Utah State University. My counselor advised me to engage with patients to confirm my passion for becoming a doctor. Embracing this advice, I found joy in visiting patients at home, aiding them in staying there. The profound connection with historical patients, many of whom were veterans, deeply resonated with my history major background.

Spending 45 minutes to an hour with each patient was immensely rewarding. Recognizing my dedication, I was offered an area manager position at CNA, propelling me into administration roles across a couple of companies. However, I sensed opportunities for improvement and transitioned into strategic planning until 2006.

In consultation with my wife Lisa, a nurse, we decided to re-enter healthcare from the ground floor. On November 1st, 2006, we bid farewell to working for others and launched The PrimRose Homecare & Hospice. My love for helping people stay at home persisted, allowing me to extend care to my scout leader, friends, and neighbors. When they reach out to us, they receive personalized concierge service—a testament to the genuine enjoyment I find in my work.